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Credit is a wonderful word when it is used in a good context. However, it is also a word that can drive fear and frustration into every aspect of our personal lives, and it can prevent some business from thriving and reaching new levels in their industry. Credit is absolutely one of the most misunderstood issues we deal with as adults. This is because we are never really taught how our credit actually works. Credit is not something we are taught about in school, and there are no college courses that teach you about it either, so it is no surprise that we have all felt the frustration that bad credit and inaccuracies on our credit reports can cause.

For most of us, our parents told us, "just pay your bills on time so you will have good credit." Unfortunately, having good credit means more than simply paying your bills on time. It requires constant monitoring and understanding of how the bureaus tick and what formulas they use to calculate a score. Understanding all of those details can mean saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year, not to mention a lot of stress.

Shapiro Hurst & Associates LLC provides credit score optimization programs to help individuals and businesses that are facing and /or experiencing credit challenges in their lives. Our basic program for those individuals who need credit repair help is $99 per month. Typically, clients that need this type of program can expect the process to take approximately six months. Clients will only pay for the months of service that they use and can cancel at any time with written notice. We also offer our clients more advanced and expedited validation programs to suit their needs. Our staff will be happy to assess each situation individually to help find the right program for each individual case. We also proudly offer services in business credit and can help your company secure lines of credit, loans, and established trade lines without the necessity of a personal guarantor. Our goal is to get your personal and business credit goals aligned and take the stress out of every aspect of your nances.

For more detailed information and answers regarding individual and business credit score optimization programs and credit repair, please visit our frequently asked questions page for more comprehensive answers. For more information on our programs or individual questions, please contact us as 972-996-6688 or toll free 888-447-7902.

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