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New Year, New Credit Goals

Ready to Have the Credit Status You Deserve this New Year?

A New Year always feels like a fresh start! For 2023, lets make sure your goals are your top priority and stick with them. Follow these steps below to achieve and retain the credit scores you deserve!

 1. Line out your goals for the year and what purchases you know you want to make. It is important to know if you will be applying for any loans. Making a big financial purchase can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Lets get you ready!

 2. Always keep a close eye on your credit reports. We recommend having a monthly credit monitoring account that can keep you updated of any changes to your credit reports. ID theft happens everyday and you need to act fast should you see anything inaccurate in your credit reports. Use our link for Identity IQ for a discount code to get started. https://www.identityiq.com/creditpreferred.aspx?offercode=431278YH

 3. Start working down those high credit card balances that you might have racked up over the holidays. Once you get the balances under 30% of the limit, ask for a limit increase if you have not done so within the last 6 months. This will help you to add more available credit in your reports and keep your balances from being so close to your limit. Never be scared of a limit increase. This is definitely a benefit to your credit scores! 

CHEERS to the New Year!