Ruby T.
I really enjoyed working with Kristie. She was very professional, always responded promptly and helped us get out credit back on track. Everything was done at our pace and she was very patient with us. Thanks to her help and guidance we were finally able to get our credit score high enough to purchase the house of our dreams. Thank you so much to Kristie and her team.
Eric M.
I was very pleased with how quickly we were able to get the collections paid to delete removed from my credit report great with communication skills. Pleasant experience!
josh L.
These guys killed it!! They got me before closing on my 600+k house credit back up to 760 then I had to call them back recently to get off 2 more bs items that were killing me😭! Score jumped almost 100 points and back up 750+.These people are Spartan experts in their field and kill the game!!!
David A.
Kristie and the entire team at Shapiro Hurst has been amazing!! Kristie has been there for me at every turn, patiently answering questions and helping me to significantly increase my credit score. I will be moving into my new house in July largely because of Kristie and her efforts. I would recommend them strongly!!
Richard R.
I am so very grateful for Shapiro company I was so sick and tired of not being able to finance anything and I mean anything. It can be very stressful to say the least. Then I met Kristy 🙏🏽 She went in there and turned my life upside down literally. It’s just the beginning but I can feel the weight lifting off my shoulders. I would recommend this company to anyone having trouble getting on the ground due to credit issues. Kristy was very professional and made me feel like family.
Dustin H.
Kristie and her team were incredibly helpful. They were detrimental in the process of us being successful in reaching our credit goals. I will definitely recommend them to anyone in need of these services. They made it effortless and the follow-up was everything you could ever hope for.
Kendale P.
Holly was the absolute best at reviewing my credit and advising me what to do to increase my scores to 100 points. The process was easy and the results followed. I would recommend her to anyone who needs credit assistance big or small.. THANK YOU!!
jerry D.
Kristie Williams was absolutely fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone.Not only does she have the expertise but she is also willing to teach you more about what you don’t know as she helps you along your journey.She makes you feel like you’re working together as a team as she skillfully crafts a game plan to meet your specific goals & needs, along with giving you weekly updates on the progress of your file. She is extremely easy to talk with and always is upfront and honest about what she can do for you.kristie has gone above and beyond and made this process so less stressful for me, also getting all the results that we talked about I could not be happier.
I can't say enough good things about the service I received through Shapiro Hurst & Associates. Rita was amazing to work with and she settled my account within 2 weeks. I had worked with another credit company in the past and the quality and responsiveness I got from Rita was the by far the best. I would definitely recommend working with this company if you need assistance with your credit file.
Melissa Q.
Within just a few short weeks, my three outstanding dates were settled. In one case, the original debt was renegotiated even lower. I was able to pull funds from an investment account to pay everything, and I am now DEBT FREE!! Kristie was incredible to work with and really cared. Highly recommend!
Alan B.
** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **I recently completed my 3RD personal credit review with Jackie Shapiro. My 1st was June, 2014. Medical issues had strained my financial stability for years.As of writing this review, I am a Senior... age 67. My CREDIT SCORE undulates between 740-755. The goal is approach 820-850... game on!I should note that I have made a concerted effort to become well read and self-educated about the CREDIT RATING company debacle.Consequently, I pay down all credit accounts each month on the 17th... plenty of margin for error prior to credit card CLOSING DATE... much before DUE DATE. I formerly paid all balances to $0.00... but now I leave a BALANCE of $2-$12 each month... so undisciplined and erratic credit rating companies can be alerted of which accounts are ACTIVE.I periodically request a CREDIT INCREASE to further minimize my DEBT to CREDIT LIMIT RATIO... generally under 1% utilization... I pay loans down 50% within a month to LOWER payments and SLASH interest fees.So it is now fair to say that I CONTROL my credit... ALL based on Jackie's original recommendations... in addition to studying dozens of smart credit utilization articles and websites..For our 3RD review together, Jackie Shapiro reviewed my scores from all (3) credit rating companies and made (1) recommendation at this point... to consider closing my Citi-Costco VISA card due to the LOW $1,500 credit limit Citi had approved for me... much lower than the several other bank credit card credit limits provided to me ranging from $7,000 to the highest @ $14,500 from BBVA Bank (my favorite bank).I am retired. Preservation of my retirement is a top priority. My personal experience of Jackie Shapiro's credit counseling is she is this: she cares... is knowledgeable, objective, practical, and effective. Jackie's recommendations are competent and effective.I hope this review proves helpful to others.** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **
Angelo G.
The team over at Shapiro Hurst and Associates was a breath of fresh air, when it comes to conducting business.The credit repair services offered are 2nd to none in my option. Many other companies out there claim to repair credit; however, they just provide a short term ban aide to the issues. Not here, all option are view and on top of that, both owners are available to communicate with you. If you are a Realtor, a Mortgage Professional, or just someone looking to better their credit situation, you will be in good hands with Shapiro Hurst & Associates.
Melissa W.
Crystal is the best!! She happily explained the process and answered all of our questions! She has helped us increase our credit and we are so much closer to getting a house. Highly recommend!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Chrystalla S
My husband and I are in the process of buying a house when we discovered that there were two major fraudulent accounts on my credit report. In order for us to be able to buy our new house we needed to get these off the report fast! Not only was Jackie about to get these accounts removed, have the bureaus do a rapid re-score, but she was also able to do it within our timeframe. Now my report is clear of these fraudulent accounts and my score is over 700. Without her hard work, dedication, and persistence to our case, my husband and I wouldn’t have been able to purchase our house.Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Jackie and I will absolutely recommend Shapiro-Hurst to my family and friends at every possible opportunity.
syed A.
Thank you Jackie for everything you have done for me with out you my Home never be possible you work very hard for me you will always be in my prayer..!!
Joel H.
They educated me on good credit practices which have helped me in the long term, helped to eliminate a few problem entries, and helped me establish good credit in a timely manner.The purpose of using them was to be able to secure a home loan with a reasonable interest rate, and it more than paid for itself over time.
Denise W.
I used Jaclyn service years ago. She's the best in the business of credit repair hands down!!
JoAnna L.
** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ** I am an Internet Forensic Research Scientist… and I needed someone with forensic high-level competence in the credit card rating industry. I am retired. Preservation of my retirement is a top priority. My personal experience of Jackie Shapiro’s credit counseling is she is this: she cares… is knowledgeable, objective, practical, and effective. Jackie’s recommendations are competent and effective. I hope this review proves helpful to others.

Alan B.

Just a short note to express my gratitude for the work you do. Chrystal Duncanson has done and is continuing to do me a great service while always being a pleasure to work with. My credit score is up over 80 points in three months which to me is amazing because I neglected my financial responsibilities for years after my divorce.  I have a friend I have recommended you to and will continue to do so. The service you provide is fairly priced and well worth the investment.  Thank you for all you do. 

Will H.

Talk about service…WOW.  Chrystal was absolutely incredible in resolving important credit issues with lightning speed in accommodation of a loan closing.  Chrystal made a commitment to us and without any reservation, she kept it.  How rare in today’s environment.  Can’t say enough GREAT things about Chrystal, her efforts and the result she [promised.  Thank you!

S. Tallis

Hands down Ms. Jaylaine has been the best person to work with. She has guide me on repairing my credit and I so love her. She is so sweet and kind. I appreciate all the hard work she has put in to help me. I will be purchasing a home soon. She Rocks and I am so thankful to have met her throughout this journey. I definitely will be referring people to her!

Michelle J.

Jaylaine has done an exceptional job in speeding up the process of repairing my wife’s and my credit score. She always responds to our emails and phone calls in a timely manner and I could not be more satisfied on what she has accomplished for us in such a short time. I highly recommend Jaylaine and her team at Shapiro-Hurst to anyone who needs help improving their credit score. 


Chrystal, I’m very thankful for the service and for your knowledge . In only a months time, you were able to help me pay and remove three large things on my credit that have been on there for years. I really appreciate all your help and look forward to continue to work with you , as we remove a few more.

Tammy M.

This team is amazing to work with!!! They are on top of all of your accounts and with there easy to use system you know exactly where you stand.   I am very pleased with the out come of my credit report and I would recommend Shaprio Hurst & Associates – Jayaline to everyone I know that needs to fix boo boo’s. 

Riza D.

They do what they say and customer service is important to them.  I have dealt with several people at Shapiro Hurst & Associates from Ms Shapiro down and have been treated with respect by everyone.   This is an indication of great management.  My credit needed some tweaking because of some mistakes on my report as well as some mistakes by me, they were able to take care of them all.I would suggest that if you need some help, this is the company to choose.


I would like to thank Shapiro Hurst & Associates for the outstanding job they have done! I was referred by a good friend and I am very happy that I moved forward with the program. I was assigned to Mrs. Stephanie White  and I have been very pleased with her. Mrs. Stephanie White has went above and beyond in assisting me through out the entire process. Mrs. White is very professional and answers the phone with a pleasant voice each time I call. Mrs. White and the Shapiro Hurst Team is like family to me now. Thanks Mrs. White for everything because of you I can purchase my new home!

David Y.

I was very pleased with how quickly we were able to get the issue resolved and off my credit. Overall, I had a pleasant experience!

Andrew D.

I enjoyed Chrystal thoroughly, she explained the process and followed up to ensure the plan was going to plan and that we were satisfied. It has been a pleasure thus far!

Anthony O.

Chrystal, I just wanted to thank you for getting everything resolved with my case.   It was done in a timely and professional manner.   I would recommend your company and you personally to anyone who has a similar issue.   Thanks again!

Jeff S.

Shapiro-Hurst is the best credit repair company I have dealt with.I am a real estate broker and they have successfully and drastically increased several of my clients credit scores in a short time period. They always get the job done no matter how difficult the task may be. They are quick to respond and great at providing frequent updates on the progress. I highly recommend using them for any credit repair needs you may have!


Jaylaine & Jackie are awesome!  As a loan officer, they make things so easy for me and my clients.  They get things done and allow people to purchase homes that they may have otherwise been unable to.  Thanks so much Jaylaine & Jackie!!

Timothy H.

Stephanie White has changed my life as a soon to be homeowner and made applying for credit a breeze. I thought my score would never improve and was shocked by the results she was able to obtain for me!!!! I love this woman and will send everyone I know this way!!!

Ashley M.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how amazing Chrystal has been to work with! She has made me feel comfortable during times that were highly stressful. I would highly recommend working with her!

Ryan R.

Having had a lackluster experience with another service, I was admittedly skeptical when an associate recommended Shapiro Hurst. They were impressive in the initial consult and have never ceased to deliver since. Their commitment to honest guidance and customer service is evident in every interaction with every member of their team. I have and will continue to refer family members and friends to them without hesitation.

Jonathan G.

Shapiro Hurst & Associates has been a breathe of fresh air! They were able to get all 10 collection accounts (some pretty big) deleted off all three of the bureaus and all of the charge offs before I closed on my house. My loan officer Brandon recommended them to me and I couldn’t be happier today! Jaylaine has been wonderful to work with and really knows her stuff! I would highly recommend Shapiro Hurst to anybody and I recommend getting on their platinum package if you need fast results like I did! 

Damodar B.

Shapiro Hurst & Associates is hands down the best company that I have ever worked with in assisting clients with credit advice, guidance and solutions. Being in the industry over 15 years I have seen many companies claim that they can help individuals with results but often fall short. The level of customer service, commitment and dedication this company provides its customers is truly outstanding. I will recommend them to ALL of my clients, family and friends! 

Kristy L.

Stephanie White is great to work with in any situation that comes up she can get it done!

Ann H.

Chrystal, I just wanted to thanks you so much for all you did for us. Because of you guys, in 90 days, I was approved for a new home!

Thomas S.

Chrystal is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond.  Thanks so much for all your help!!!

Luke R.

Shapiro and Hurst has been the most amazing company to have when it comes to getting your credit in order. They have top notch professionals thbiere to assist you personally throughout the whole process. My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Ninna who is amazing as well as beautiful inside and outside. We will definitely use Shapiro and Hurst for any future needs and refer them to all of our family and friends.

Joyce S.

What a wonderful experience I just had with Shapiro-Hurst, receiving tons of accurate and trustworthy information in such a short period of time.  The relief they provided for me concerning my credit history and other situations in which I have found myself is palpable, and almost immeasurable.  I am so appreciative, and will absolutely recommend them to my family and friends at every possible opportunity. Thank you!

Julie C.

I have had the pleasure of working with Shapiro Hurst & Associates on numerous clients; in addition I have sent over credit reports seeking their advice on how to pursue increasing scores on an expedited basis. I have always been impressed with their willingness to respond quickly, professionally and thoroughly. Their expertise in credit restoration is second to none and their customer service is exceptional. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of credit restoration.

Jerry T.

Love this team!  Building a home after the death of my husband has been a challenge.  I shared with the team by time line and they went to work.  Taking a very scary low score to almost 600’s in just a few months.  The house will  not be ready for another 8 months and I am confident this team will get my scores where they need to be.  A little bit of leg work on the clients side leads to amazing outcomes. Trust the process and enjoy the outcome with Shaprio Hurst! 

M. Uhl

My husband and I are in the process of buying a house when we discovered that there were two major fraudulent accounts on my credit report. In order for us to be able to buy our new house we needed to get these off the report fast! Not only was Jackie about to get these accounts removed, have the bureaus do a rapid re-score, but she was also able to do it within our timeframe.Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Jackie and I will absolutely recommend Shapiro-Hurst at every possible opportunity.

Chrystalla G.